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Book Guides

Book Guides

Download guides for

each book ratio here

Box Guides

You can click the sizes on the right hand side to download

the specific set of guides for each ratio,

or you can download all of the book guides

sorted by size at the bottom of the page.

Folio Guides

Each Book requires both the appropriate cover graphic and the corresponding inside page template

Each Guide will contain:

document size

final product size

fold/crease/trim areas

All Book Cover Guides are setup with a 3/4 inch wrap on all sides

Red area indicates the blead area which will be turned at midpoint of red

The middle of document (spine) is noted by a green bar with spine size width noted

Light Grey area next to spine is the fold area

Each document has embedded info on the exact file size along with the finished book size.

Get all the book guides here

All Spread guides show the spread size, book size, center crease line

and the amount of trim on 3 sides of the book.