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Covers Example - “good and bad”


cover sizing chart

All cover guides show the cover size, book size, wrap around area,

spine width, gutter fold area, and the appropriate number of spreads for the respective cover.

page sizing chart
cover example
cover resizing
spread resizing

* Logos and Text should be placed carefully - approximately 1/4 inch from the red area

folio example

Pictured below are illustrations of good and bad cover layout

5x5 cover guide with half inch spine

Good Example - designed on a 5x5 cover guide

Bad Example - designed on a 5x5 cover guide

photo is to low

Logo is to high

photo is to low

spine text is misaligned

Bad Example - shown as wrapped on cover

showing 4 errors above:

1) back logo is wrapped

2) front cover image doesn’t wrap- showing black line above head on front of book

3) spine text is misaligned, an wraps around spine

4) back cover image crops feet off