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So, what are the products from ibind Designs printed on?

We print on traditional photographic paper (aka wet printing), using Kodak and Fuji photographic papers.

We prefer the sharpness and detail achieved from a traditional photograph for our products over

press printed media.

Why don’t you offer press printed products?

Couldn’t you offer cheaper pricing on press printed products?

Press printing is great for certain products, and we evaluate the viability of press printing as quality

continues to improve for these products. Sure press printing is cheaper, but be careful not to allow a

few dollars saved on a product sway your decision to offer an inferior quality product that your clients

can purchase at will on consumer retail book publishing and photo product sites.

As a professional, you know that offering a high quality presentation of your products is one of the

primary reasons clients select you over inferior competitors.

Pages, Spreads, Sides. What does it all mean?

Yes we know this terminology can be confusing.

The simple formula we use is 1 spread = 2 sides = 2 pages

We manufacture our books in continuous spreads, taking advantage of the full panoramic view.

Can I purchase individual pages in my book?

Since our books are designed in spreads, the option to order one single page is not available.

You can however split the spread in half in your design process and include blank or logo layouts

for the front and back inside cover.

Do you complete color corrections for my products ordered from

Ibind Designs?

Our products are priced with color corrections completed by you.

If you wish to have a color reference print completed by our printer we will be glad to provide this to you.

If you are not comfortable completing your own color corrections, please contact us and we’ll be glad

to discuss the options available.

How do I get my Books and other products to you for assembly?

Download our ROES software or call us at 931-728-7886 and we’ll set you up an FTP folder to upload.

I need help deciding on a software package for designing my products?

We’ve designed products of our own, and worked with many other photographers that use a

variety of software for their product design. While the use of any software involved in the

design process is a personal decision, we use Pixel Creator Pro which is a plug-in for Photoshop

allowing the broadest range of creative design.

Can I design my products in Photoshop?

Absolutely. Adobe Photoshop is a terrific tool for image editing and custom product design.

Sometimes the comprehensive nature of photoshop lends to a slower design completion rate.

To increase your efficiency in Photoshop, we recommend Pixel Creator Pro.

Does ibind Designs provide templates for designing my products?

Yes, we continually work to bring you both free templates and templates available for purchase.

Our templates are created to work in either Photoshop or our ROES ordering system.

Please contact us to discuss this option.

How do I price my products ordered from Ibind Designs?

Your individual market and client base should be carefully considered when pricing any products or service. We understand that some assistance may be appreciated in pricing our products and this is available through some of our marketing packages. We are glad to offer one on one consultations concerning sales and pricing strategies for any interested studios.

How Long Does it take to receive my products, after placing my order?

We provide a two week turnaround time for book products, once we receive your ROES

submitted order, along with a complete set of print ready files. Anything short of this will cause delays in your receipt or your order. Folio products if ordered separately are shipped within 5 days.

What happens if I order my products incorrectly?

Well it can happen, and we understand that it does. We work closely with you on the first few orders to review your designs. Any errors that we see will be communicated to you, as soon as possible so that corrections can be made. While we strive to find any necessary adjustments, there is no guarantee that we will find all design errors, so please review your order carefully before submitting to us.

Do you offer design services?

At this time we do not offer design service options. We are always glad to discuss many of the available options for outsourcing design via third parties which we work closely with or the software options available for completing design in house if interested.

So how many spreads can I have in my book?

You can have a minimum of 5 spreads in you book order, and a maximum of 40 spreads.

Anything between 5 and 40 is ok with us. We don’t confine you to design to a specific number of spreads.

Although our pricing is optimal in increments of 5 spreads, the final amount of spreads ordered per book can be anywhere between 5 and 40.

What are the file specifications?

Your book pages should be designed using the appropriate spread guides that we provide

Our Books are assembled in continuous spreads, so a 10x10 book has 10x20 spreads

(don’t split the pages). Save your Spreads in sRGB color space, at 250 dpi, at a level 10 jpeg.